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Yoga Retreats

Yoga Retreats

Whether you want a physical or spiritual cleanse, to learn something new or to proffer yourself up for pampering, there is something for everyone. They can be both profound and painful. Retreats are an opportunity to reflect and reconnect with yourself. But, they are often also about stripping away the layers and looking at our lives in the stark, sobering light of day. They can be both profound, frustrating and painful. Often therapy is needed to resolve stubborn issues.

And if you embrace the experience you can walk away feeling clean as a whistle, reset bad habits and return to reality with tools to live a healthier, happier, more connected life.

Take 3 days for a long weekend yoga retreat in Margaret River or a week in Bali and feel even better afterwards than if you’d had a long holiday. This happens because of several intertwined factors.

The immersion in yoga means you are able to focus, without distraction, on deeper yoga practices. It’s time for yourself, time to recharge. This is something that we all need. Many of us are too busy with lives packed full of urgent demands and long to-do lists, working to pressing deadlines. We can feel that we’re on automatic, just responding to the next urgent thing and not getting to what’s most important.

Sometimes even going on holiday doesn’t leave us really refreshed. Whether it’s because we’ve over-indulged, not had a real rest, we’ve had to attend to other’s needs at the expense of our own, or because we’ve been so wound up by the time we’ve got there we haven’t fully unwound even at the end of the holiday.

A yoga retreat is the antidote. It’s as if retreats help us to ‘re-wire’ to our best self